Make rainy days the best ones


“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – 19. century.

In the 21.century we have options available to make the rain a rather pleasant experience.

One of our options is to buy an umbrella which can make your day! La Brella’s reliable and beautiful umbrellas make you a proud owner. Check out our pages!
You are not far from your treasure.


And that’s just the beginning

Take a moment to discover the new 2017 collection of LaBrella.

Designed to express the beauty and vulnerability of the rainforest, LaBrella umbrellas are water and wind resistant and easy to operate with an auto open and auto close mechanism. You cannot overlook the durability and the bold design when first opening a LaBrella umbrella.

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Bauhinia – the exquisite orchid


Bauhinia is a type of white orchid, they are the rarest of all the orchids. Did you know that they grow upside down when mature? Their petals tend to be thick and heavy so who can blame them.


white orchid white orchid bauhinia umbrella
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As you know already La Brella umbrellas are inspired by the beauty of the rainforest. The Dragonfly is amazing. Did you know that their eyes have about 30,000 lenses? Meaning it can see around the whole surface of its eye whilst having a low eye resolution. On the other hand, a human eye only has one lens and sees better than a dragonfly, but it is limited to seeing in a semi-circle like field of view.

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La Brella wants to make a difference and its goal is to spread awareness about the rainforest protection. How? La Brella creates unique umbrellas whose large canopy allows one to carry the message through. Have a look at the attached video for more info.