• 5-10%

    of tropical rainforest species will be lost per decade

  • 3.6 mil

    square km of tropical rainforest have been cut down

  • 1.5 acres

    of rainforest are destroyed every second

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We are supporting the International Tropical Conservation Fund www.itcfund.org which strives to conserve tropical ecosystems.

Every umbrella you buy makes a difference,

for example:

La Brella believes that by displaying the precious species of plants
and animals on its canopy the carriers of these umbrellas will in fact
become messengers with a mission to spread awareness for the need to protect the rainforest .


” To save civilization, there is nothing more urgent today than to regenerate and conserve our highly threatened forests—most importantly our tropical forests.
“Yolanda Kakabadse, president, WWF International “